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Cheese Tees Logo - Hilariously Soft Dad Joke Shirts

We thrive on cheese.

It tastes good, it gets better with age, and it's hilarious. It's like wine's funnier cousin.

Our mission is to make people feel good. Laughing feels good, comfy t-shirts feel good, and paying affordable prices feels good. Put them together, and you have a feel-good trifecta.

We'd love for you to explore the site and our designs. Whether you purchase anything from us or not, we'd love to hear how we're doing at making you laugh, and let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Thank you!

CheeseTees dot com logo Super Soft Dad Joke Clothing

This is a visual representation of the humor radiating from your shirt when you buy one of the tees in our humorous collection.  

(It actually radiates in all directions, so the graphic isn't 100% accurate)

This is a thermometer.  There's not much of a reason for it to be here, but we didn't want to hurt its feelings.

We were stumped, so we asked chat GPT to write something about this graphic. Here's what it came up with: 


In the image, a sleek, silver washing machine hums diligently, adorned with gleaming buttons and a transparent door revealing a colorful array of garments swirling within.

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